Friday, 12 October 2007


Lee Simpson kindly offered some explanation about the workshop's content that will take place on Wednesday the 17th:

"The workshop I will be doing is focused on and around one particular impro exercise that we have used a lot in Improbable. The reason why I am focusing on just one exercise is a combination of our tendency to spend a long time on each exercise and there being a limited amount of time available for the workshop because of difficulties in finding a space.

The exercise is an old and much used one. It's a Keith Johnstone exercise called "Word at a time". Basically 2 people put their arms around each other and speak as if they were one person, each person speaking in turn, taking alternate words.

Person A: "I..."
Person B: ""
A: "...on..."
B: "...a..."
A: "...train..."

... and so on.

Like all great exercises, all of impro is contained within its deceptively simple parameters. Which is why we are still doing it after all these years."

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